Feature Film Screenplays for Production


Written by Leigh J. Stimolo © 2009
Conspiracy, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi— Inspired by a Harvard Magazine article on breaking biotech discoveries in RNAi therapies.

Plot – Famous for discovering the key to immortality in worms, Dr. Rachel Lee closes in on a formulation for human immortality. On the brink of a breakthrough, labs blowup, friends disappear and she's forced to hide out in a make shift lab. Finishing the formulation is the only way to stay alive. Will she finish her research before someone finishes her? Who can she trust? Who is Joffy? And will Rachel kill to survive?

Log Line — When a woman who needs no one looks death in the face is love the answer to life?


Written by Leigh J. Stimolo & Haley Hemen © 2010
Action, Drama, Thriller — Thelma & Louise meets Fight Club.

Plot — Two office drones come alive as vigilantes when Rian hits a J-walker.Mother and wife, Rian, pulls twenty-something, Penny, into a life of retaliation and secrets, but when Penny gains a taste for retribution, Rian wants out. She tries to salvage her life but has to choose, friend or family.

Log Line — Work is a prison to a tired mom and a quiet writer until the unlikely pair spark a friendship bonded by a secret life of vigilantism. How far will they go to feel free?


Feature Film Screenplays in Development

Leaving Peter

Epic Drama—A semi-autobiographical, coming of age story of a young girl, Evaline, and her self-made-millionaire, atheist step-father, Peter Dogan, a pilot who commits suicide after a life long search for emotional peace.

Jonas 2037

Conspiracy, Thriller, Action, Drama—Young scientist, an Armagedon cult runaway, spends his days trying to prove the rhectoric of his family and cult wrong. "It is not the end of the world", he tells himself. Yet the more he studies magnetic fields, passing the Black Hole on the gallatic new year and platektonics, the more he proves them right. He fights the urge to go to one of the six safe zones he's identified. But on the eve of the winter solstice of 2037, he sits in the valley of the Ohios and waits.

Trimle Bowe

Action, Mystery, SciFi—Twenty-something, Trimle, has always known her future. She can't escape it. It haunts her dreams. She is shot in the head in the back seat of her sister's chevy. Years have passed. As Trimle nears her destiny, the signs become stronger and stronger and happen more and more frequently. Until it is that dreaded night on that dreaded highway in that dreaded car. Will her fourteen year-old dream play out as she's feared? Or can she change her destiny?